Age of Fantasy!

Melih Mo
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The most legendary game you can find in the 2d strategy genre! Age of Fantasy!

 First of all, the purpose of writing this article is definitely not advertising. I write with the aim of giving what they want to people that I like to play myself and who are in love with such games. This game called Age of Fantasy is a great strategy type game that you can play with your friends, multiplayer and on your own, with hundreds of military units, hundreds of magnificent maps, dozens of military / strategic buildings and endless possibilities. The way to get soldiers and buildings in the game is to earn diamonds. You can earn Diamonds in many ways. For example, by completing the game's own missions or by fighting other players and taking away their diamonds! Personally, since I have completed most of the missions in the game, I now look out for other players' diamonds ??. You can download the game for free from the play store or many other platforms. But be careful, it can be addictive

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