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DriverGuide Toolkit Pro.

Find updates, backup drivers, identify unknown devices, find support, get detailed computer information, remotely analyze other computers on the network, and much more...
Over 500 new drivers added every day!
400,000+ drivers
3,000+ manufacturers
100 downloads/week
3 DriverGuide Toolkit software licenses!
Privileged forum access
Driver/Site assistance
Community support
Personalization features
and more...
Searching for Driver Updates:
DriverGuide Toolkit allows you to search for updates to the drivers installed on your computer or within your saved driver sets. By default, DGT allows you to search its companion website - - for updates to the selected driver, by clicking on the Find Updates button. has the world’s largest archive of device drivers. It is particularly useful for finding older or rare device drivers. If a match is found, you can download the driver directly from DriverGuide Toolkit uses detailed driver information, such as hardware id and compatible ids to find suitable drivers. It would be very difficult to find matching drivers without DGT!
Warning: Before downloading and installing a driver, please ensure that you check the version and date. We keep both old drivers and new drivers in our database; your computer may already have a driver which is newer than the one we provide. In these instances, we recommend that you do not download and install this driver, unless you are experiencing problems with your existing one.

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