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mrb ....bir reading okudum altındaki cevapları şöyle cevapladım...bir kontrol edermisiniz doğrumu yapmışım...benim için önemli ....lütfen bilenler yazsın düşüncelerini....yalnışlarım varsa söylermisiniz....yardımlarınız iiçin teşekkürler........ıt is difficult to imagine now but once I was  nearly arrested.It happened during a trip to Poland many years ago.I was travelling with an old friend who I had worked with many years before.We wanted to go to a place called Kazimierz Dolny and I remember we had to get a train to Pulawy and then a bus.The bus arrived quite quickly,and as the journey was only about 10km,we were looking forward to arriving soon.Of course,we both had large bags but we did not know at the time that you had to buy an extra ticket for bags.The bus was empty expect for one woman who watched us buy our tickets from the driver and punch them as you have to.Suddenly,half way to Kazimierz,she got up and asked to see our tickets ,obviously not a passenger as we had thought.We handed them over in all innocence,smilling sweetly but she was obviously unhappy about something.She pointed angrily at our bags,on two empty seats.I said sorry,and hid mine on the floor under my legs but she got even angrier.She pointed to some rules printed out on the back of the drivers cab but they were all in Polish.However,somehow we understood that we had to pay 1.20 zloty for tickets for the bags.I got out 2.40 and handed it over,still smilling but it did not help.She talked to the driver who radioed ahead and,at the next stop,there was a police car waiting for us.We were thrown off the bus with our bags and the bus driver drove off without a word.The policemen demanded to look at our passports and tried to speak in a mixture of Polish and German.After a few minutes they left us alone to talk together and then came back asking if we had a "hotel" or "zimmer".We shook our heads,rain started to fall as the evening sky began to darken.It had been such a beatiful morning when we had left Krakow.The policemen told us to get into the car,and we expected to be taken to a police station for a night in the cells.However,the next thing we knew ,we were in Kazimierz outside a pleasant looking house on a hillside."Zimmer,gut" said one of the policemen.The landlady  turned out to be his aunt and we were treated as honoured quests for the rest of our stay.Just to be safe, though,we returned to Pulawy by taxi...

1)The mistake the writer made was to
    a)buy the wrong ticket
    b)not punch the ticket.
    c)not buy enough tickets.
    d)not buy any tickets.

2)When the woman asked to see their tickets they felt
3)When they saw the regulations they
  a)did not  understand anything.
  b)knew they were in trouble.
  c)understood everything.
  d)worked out what the problem was.
4)They arrived in Kazimierz
  a)late at night.
  b)in the evening
  c)in the morning
  d)at a completely unknown time

bundan sonrakiler true false....
5)the two people in the story had met quite recently.
6)they were the only real passengers on the bus.
7)The woman was angry because their bags were on the seats.
8)They did not return to Pulawy by bus.  
  1)a 2)b 3)c 4)d 5)false 6)false 7)true 8)true

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