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kahve falı http://rapidshare.com/files/181437112/Tasseology.v1.10-Berwan.ipa

İphone pc suite iPod Music Player

- there are language translating issues

- create/delete playlists works 100%

- play music/video off your iPhone on the PC works 100%

- copy music to/from iPhone/PC works 100% drag/drop with your mouse!!

- copy movies from PC to iPhone works 100% drag/drop with your mouse!!

- while copying movies iPhone PC Suite also do the converting

– you need to put the video file in a playlist for iPhone’s iPod to “see” it…

Photos download/Upload pics to/from PC and iPhone Camera Roll works 100%

Calendar works 100%

Contacts works but there are language translating issues

SMS works mostly….

Notes works 100%

eBook works 100%

Call log works 100%

SMS Chat works 100% send SMS to someone from PC through iPhone

Safari bookmark management works 100%

Apps for pxl-files mostly chinese not so useful - and very buggy…

Finder works 100% very useful

Backup/Restore works 100% a MUST….

Sound Themes works…

Ringtones works but custom ringtones are “lost” after an iTunes sync…

SMS Themes works 100%http://w13.easy-share.com/1699813439.html

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