Requiem BloodMare(OB Türkçe Çeviri)

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Arkadaşlar bir yazı var bunu %100 bi şekilde Türkçeye çevirebilecek biri varsa yazabilirse sevinirim.Çok Önemli...

İşte yazı

The World of Ethergia beckons to worthy Temperions to challenge the horrors that walk Ethergia’s lands. An opportunity to take up this challenge is coming on May 15, 2008.

We will begin our Open Beta test on May 15, 2008 at 7pm PDT. This Open Beta test session will be open to all currently registered accounts as well as all the new Temperions that decide to join us.

All accounts and characters will be reset prior to this test session and will be placed in a new starting zone called Truba Island.

The new Requiem game client, which is available on our Client Download Section, is necessary to play during the Open Beta test.

Please note that this is still part of the beta testing process, and as such, does not fully represent the final product. Players who participate during this period may experience some lag or connection issues as we work to fine-tune and optimize our server capacity.

If you have questions, comments or wish to stay updated on the progress of the Beta Test please Register for news and notifications or check our Forums.

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