Solved:Opera 9.20@USB Yahoo Mail Beta Problem

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Since I am using Opera and the Yahoo Mail Beta and since the Opera users having the problem with Yahoo Mail Beta and since I have found a way which will make, Opera work with Yahoo Mail Beta, I decided to explain and share it with the World.

I have done quite a lot of search to solve the problem because I am using Opera Portable (v9.20).

Before we start I want to explain that this solution is not direct solution. It requires a 3rd party tool (a plug-in).

OK Here we go:

1-At the moment Opera Browser Engine can not open Yahoo Mail Beta Page..So we will use the IE engine isntead (Not IE) To do that we need the Neptune plug-in which can be found here:

(Must fill the form and then press continue)

2-After downloading the plug-in just dont install it-for portable opera users- (if you have installed opera on your system you can install it). We will extract the pack to any folder.

3-After axtracting, copy the "npmeadax.dll" to your portable opera's \program\plugins directory

4-Restart opera. Then go to this adress* (with Opera):

Find the title:Web Development then click on the:
Note:we have installed the Neptune plug-in.

[View in IE] (in a new tab)


[View in IE] (on the same tab)


5-Altough it says that it is going to add this button to the toolbar it does not.Then lets do it manual.

Pres Shift+F12
Then "Buttons"
Then "My Buttons"
Then drag and drop the button you have added before to the Operas toolbar.

6- Enter to the Yahoo mail beta.Then press our magic will open the page using IE engine in Opera (Tough some script errors can appear press Yes to continue)

7-Enjoy the best mail on the planet.

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Recep Baltaş

v1.0 15 April 2007 Sunday 23:40

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